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Buddha Bowl Bar

Hot Mains with Salad Accompaniments laid out to facilitate guests to create their own dishes then try another. £15.00 per person

Selection of Meat / Vegetarian / Vegan dishes with accompaniments from buffet
Welsh Beef Teriyaki – Strips of Beef stir fried with sliced Fresh Vegetables, Leaves & Herbs in Teriyaki Sauce Soya
Moroccan Chicken – Sumac & Lemon Marinated Chicken Pieces with Roasted Peppers, Preserved Lemons, Olives & Apricots
Sticky BBQ Welsh Pork Loin – Strips of lean Pork steeped in our own BBQ Sauce (Mustard) then pan fried with Fresh Vegetables
Mixed Lentil Dhal (Vegan) – (Celery / Mustard)
Marinated Tofu (Soya) / Caws Teifi Halloumi (Milk) – Pan fried Cubes marinated in Halon Mon Black Garlic Ketchup, sliced Fresh Ginger, Seared Leeks & Sweet Potato

Accompanied by Bowls of
Chick Peas fried in Turmeric Oil
Baked Rice
Home made Pickled Red Cabbage
Moroccan Slaw, Grated carrot with Poppy Seed
Fresh Leaves & Herbs, Cherry Tomatoes, Selection of Dressings
Bread Basket Wheat with Welsh Butters (Milk)

Mexican Fajita Feast

£11.75 per person

Tortilla (Wheat) filled with Cajun Chicken / Spicy Garlic Beef / Mixed Beans Celery in Sweet Pepper and Chilli Sauce with Bell Peppers, Red Onions, Cherry Tomatoes & Jalapenos
Baked Jacket Wedges
Lime & Coriander Rice
Gaucomole, Sour Cream (Milk), Grated Cheese (Milk), Leaves & Salsa’s
Gluten Free Tortilla available



£10.00 per person

Greek Pitta Bread (Wheat) filled with Minted Pulled Welsh Lamb / Cajun Chicken –
Beetroot Felafel, Tzatziki (Milk), Tomato, Red Onions, Lettuce

Served with Diced Feta (Milk), Fries or Baked Seasoned Wedges, Olives & Chilli Sauce

Mezze Boards or Grazing Table

£15.00 per head

Charcuterie Selection Sulphites with Mixed Olives, Celery, Grapes & Melon
Sausage Rolls (Wheat / Sulphites)
Langfords Sausages with Welsh Honey & Mustard Glaze
Cajun Chicken Goujons – Breaded –  (Celery / Wheat / Mustard)
Red Lentil, Mead & Sun Dried Tomato Pate
Beetroot Felafel
Platter of Grilled – Red Peppers, Aubergine, Red Onions & Beetroot with Mixed Olives & Cherry Tomatoes, Pine Kernels (Nuts) & Feta Cheese (Milk) on a bed of Salad Leaves
dressed with Blodyn Aur Beetroot & Thyme Dressing
Welsh Cheese Platter – Perl Las, Perl Wen, Teifi with Nettle, Welsh Cheddar, Snowdonia Smoked Beechwood (all contain Milk) with Home Made Chutney, Celery & Grapes

Pembrokeshire Potatoes & Dill Cucumber Salad (Eggs), Moroccan Slaw, Hummus (Sesame),
Lebanese Salad
Artisan Bread Basket with Welsh Butter

Curry Counter

allowing guests to try some of each £13.80 per person

Chicken Korma – (Mustard / Milk)
Beef Rogan Josh (Mustard),
Curried Coconut, Tofu Soya and Root Vegetable Dhal accompanied by SamosaCo
Spicy Keralan Aubergine Pickle – Vegan (Mustard)
served with Pilau Rice, Naan Breads – (Wheat)
Sambals of Mango Chutney, Minted Onion Rings, Pineapple & Coconut

Loaded Fries

£10.00 per head – available only in Montgomery , Hafod a Hendre & New Members
Seasoned fries loaded with BBQ pulled Pork or Cajun Chicken, Cheese (Milk), Chopped Spring Onions, Smoky Beans & Coleslaw (Eggs)

Hot Meat Sourdough Baps £9.00 - With Salad Selection / Chips £13.00

White & Wholemeal rolls (Wheat / Soya / Milk) filled with -
Roast Meats choice of two meats or one meat and vegetarian –
Silverside of Welsh Beef
Pork with Sage & Onion Stuffing Wheat and Apple Sauce, or Pulled Pork (Mustard / Rye / Sulphites / Celery)
Spiced Red Lentil & Pumpkin Seed Rissoles (Celery / Mustard / Wheat)
Salad Selection - Coleslaw (Eggs), Mixed Green , Potato & Chive (Eggs), Grated Welsh
Cheddar (Milk), Moroccan Rice (Mustard), Pickled Red Cabbage and Dressings

Finger Buffet £13.50 per person

Sandwiches on White and Wholemeal bread (Wheat / Soya / Milk) – Roasted Silverside
Welsh of Beef, Chicken, Ham, Welsh Mature Cheddar (Milk) with Tomato Chutney (Sulphites / Barley), Egg & Cress . Vegan – Lentil Pate with Cress
Sausage Roll (Wheat / Sulphites / Eggs)
Langford Sausages coated in Welsh Honey & Mustard (Wheat / Sulphites / Soya / Mustard)
Southern fried Chicken Goujons with Sweet Chilli Dip (Wheat / Celery / Mustard / Gluten)
Salami / Melon / Olive Skewers Sulphites
Beef & Horseradish Plait (Wheat / Egg / Milk)
Roasted Tomato Bruschetta (Wheat / Sulphites)
Cheese & Tomato Pizza (Wheat / Milk)
Asparagus & Cheese Tartlets (Wheat / Milk / Eggs)
Cheese Scones (Wheat / Milk / Eggs) accompanied by Chutney (Sulphites / Barley) & Welsh Cheeses, Celery & Fruit
Beetroot Falafel
Spring Rolls (Wheat / Sesame)
Curried Leek & Potato Samosas with Curried Mayo Dip (Milk / Wheat / Mustard)

Canape Receptions

to include staff to circulate £14.00 per head plus VAT – please state on ordering if you require a gluten free platter
Meat & Fish
Skewered Welsh Belly Pork slow roasted in Welsh Honey & Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm Spicy Cajun Rub
Patchwork Pate Herb Crostini Wheat– Duck Liver & Apricot – finished with Black Mountain
Smokery Smoked Duck Breast & Calon Lan Redcurrant Jelly
Black Mountain Smokery Smoked Salmon Triangles (Wheat / Milk) garnished with Dill Pearls
Charcuterie Skewers with Olives, Cherry Tomatoes, Grapes & Dill Pickle
Cajun Breaded Chicken with Sweet Chilli & Tomato Dip (Wheat / Celery / Mustard / Gluten)
Mini Naan Bread Wheat topped with Curried Chicken (Eggs / Mustard) & SamosaCo Punjabi Lime Pickle
Butchers Sausages with Welsh Honey & Grain Mustard (Wheat / Sulphites / Soya / Mustard)
Warm Garlic & Herb Crostini topped with Perl Las Cheese & Bacon (Milk / Wheat)

Vegetarian & Vegan

Olive Crostini with Mushroom Pate and Cress (Wheat)
Cheddar Herbed Scones (Wheat / Milk / Eggs) topped with Chutney (Sulphites / Barley) Snowdonia
Smoked Beechwood & Bouncy Berry Cheese (Milk)
Leek & Chestnut Crostini v (Wheat / Nuts)
Roasted Tomato Bruschetta with Balsamic Glaze (Wheat)
Pumpernickel Rounds topped with Hummus Sesame, Roasted Aubergine & Pine Kernels (Nuts)
Asparagus & Welsh Cheddar Cheese Tartlets (Wheat / Milk / Eggs)
Beetroot Felafel & Cherry Tomato Skewers v
Sweet Bites Selection – Chocolate Brownie, Caramel Shortbread, White Chocolate & Lime
Sponge Fingers, Blueberry Mousse filled Meringues, Chocolate Profiteroles

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