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Funeral Refreshments


£12.50 per head – numbers under 100 - £14.00 per head Should a more substantial finger buffet be required an extra 6 items can be added at an extra £2.50 per head

Gluten /Dairy Free / Vegan Selections available on all menus please state on ordering if you require any / all included


Sandwich Selection served on White &

Wholemeal Bread WHEAT / SOYA / MILK to include Beef,

Home Baked Ham, Chicken & Spinach,

Egg Mayonnaise EGG , Cheese & Pickle MILK / BARLEY.


Savoury Scones topped with chutney & Welsh Cheeses WHEAT /MILK / SULPHITES / BARLEY


Butchers Sausages in Honey & Mustard Glaze WHEAT / SULPHITES / SOYA / MUSTARD

Cajun Chicken Goujons -Wheat/ Celery / Mustard


Farmhouse Fruit Cake WHEAT / EGGS / MILK

Raspberry Cream Scones WHEAT / EGGS / MILK

Bara Brith WHEAT / EGGS

Selection of Home Made Sponges or Cup Cakes MILK /WHEAT / EGGS please note decorations may contain FISH GELATINE

Chocolate Brownie MILK / SOYA / EGGS / WHEAT

Lemon Sponge Fingers MILK / WHEAT / EGGS

Welsh Butter Shortbread WHEAT / MILK


Tea / Coffee / Hot Chocolate /Cordial , Table covering and Service



Light Refreshment


£9.00 per head to include Welsh Brew Tea / Coffee /Hot Chocolate / Cordial / Table Covering and Service


Sandwich Selection as above


Victoria Sandwich Wheat/ Milk / Eggs

Farmhouse Fruit Cake       “

Welsh Cakes                     “

Welsh Butter Shortbread Wheat / Milk




Traditional Welsh Afternoon Tea


£15.00 per head


Whole White/Wholemeal/Granary Bread thinly sliced & buttered with Welsh Butter Wheat / Milk

Traditional Welsh Caerphilly Milk

Colliers Cheddar Milk

Bowls of Little Grandma’s Kitchen Strawberry & Prosecco Preserve – optional Bowls of Welsh Whipped Cream Milk

Welsh Cakes Wheat

Bara Brith Wheat/Eggs

Sultana Scones Wheat/Eggs/Milk

Pots of Welsh Brew Tea / Coffee



Light Salad Lunch


£15.00 per head to include Welsh Brew Tea / Coffee /Hot Chocolate / Cordial / Table Covering and Service



Open Roll selection on White , Wholemeal  & Gluten Free Breads – Wheat

Silverside of Welsh Beef 

Coronation Chicken finished with Peppers & Smoked Paprika

Home baked Ham 

Egg & Cress

Teifi Gwyn Bach Soft Cheese / Teifi Oak Smoked Caerphilly Milk

Guacomole with Roasted Peppers sprinkled with Dukkah.


Home Made Cheese & Tomato Pizza Wheat/ Milk / Nuts

Turkey & Ham Slice with Dylans Picallili Wheat / Milk


Salads – Tossed Green Salad 

Potato & Dill Cucumber Eggs

Diced Tomato / Cucumber / Red Onion & Parsley in Lemon & Pesto  Nuts Oil Dressing 

Coleslaw Eggs

Home Made Pickled Red Cabbage 

Grated Cheddar - Milk


Home made Cake Selection 

Chocolate Brownie Milk/Soya/Wheat/Eggs

Lemon Sponge Milk/Wheat/Eggs

Gluten Free Cookie Selection

Flapjack Wheat / Milk

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