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Boxed Lunches


£10.50 + VAT per Box

Each delegate served their meal in a separate bag – special diets to be labelled


Regular - mixed meat & vegetarian


Sandwiches – White & Wholemeal Bread (Wheat / Soya / Milk) – Roast Welsh Beef, Chicken or Turkey – Egg & Cress

Chicken & Ham Tartlet (Wheat / Mustard / Eggs / Milk)

Sausage Roll (Wheat / Sulphites / Egg)

Scotch Egg (Eggs / Wheat)

Cheese Scone (Wheat / Milk / Eggs) filled with Snowdonia Cheese (Milk) & Pickle (Sulphites & Barley)

Southern Fried Chicken Goujon (Wheat / Celery)

Langford Sausage with Honey & Mustard Dressing (Wheat / Sulphites / Soya / Mustard)


Separate tray to sit on top of savoury box

2 pieces of cake (Wheat / Soya / Milk / Eggs)

Bowl of Cut Fruits


Vegetarian - to be ordered

Sandwiches – White & Wholemeal Bread (Wheat / Soya / Milk) – Cheese (Milk) & Pickle (Sulphites / Barley),  Egg & Cress

Cheese Scone (Wheat / Milk / Eggs) filled with Snowdonia Cheese (Milk) & Pickle (Sulphites / Barley)

Half Hard Boiled Egg dusted with Smoked Paprika

Roasted Tomato & Teifi Nettle Cheese (Celery / Milk) Tartlet drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar (Wheat / Milk / Sulphites)

Savoury Choux Bun (Wheat / Eggs / Milk) filled with Cream Cheese & Teifi Smoked Caerphilly Cheese (Milk), Roasted Peppers & Herbs

Savoury Roll (Wheat)



Cake tray plus Fruit Bowl as above



Vegan - to be ordered

Sandwiches – White & Wholemeal Bread (Wheat / Soya / Milk) – Lentil Pate & Cress, Humous & Salad

Vegan Scone Wheat topped with Herb Spread and Grilled Pepper

Vegan Tartlet filled with Gooseberry Chutney and Good Carma Spread Sensation (Nuts / Soya) topped with Dukkah

Savoury Roll (Wheat)

Vegan Sausage (Wheat)



Vegan Cake Selection & Fruit Skewer


Gluten Free - to be ordered

BBQ Chicken Skewer set on light salad

Half Hard Boiled Egg

Ham & Grain Mustard Tartlet (Mustard / Eggs)

Gluten Free Sausage (Sulphites)

Gluten free open roll topped with Perl Wen Cheese (Milk) & Grape


Gluten free cakes (Eggs / Milk)

Bowl of Cut Fruits




Beverages on arrival and with lunch £4.50 per person plus VAT to include arrival Welsh Brew Tea/Coffee, Bara Brith (Wheat / Eggs) & Welsh Butter Shortbread (Wheat / Milk) and Lunchtime Tea / Coffee / Juices

Extra Tea / Coffee Breaks £1.50 plus VAT per person

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