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Wedding Hot Main Menu



Roast Silverside of Welsh Beef with Yorkshire pudding


Roast Turkey with Sausage & Bacon Rolls, Sage & Onion Stuffing


Roast leg of Welsh Lamb Served on a Bed of Roasted Seasonal Vegetables with a Cranberry & Mint Sauce


Roast Loin of Pork with Apple Sauce & Sage & Onion Stuffing


Silverside of Beef in Port & Blackberry Sauce


Silverside of Welsh Beef with Madeira Sauce garnished with Stuffed Mushrooms


Welsh Beef braised in Brecon Brewing Dark Skies Ale

Loin of Pork with Crème Fraîche, Brandy & Black Pepper Sauce


Chicken Breast stuffed with Asparagus in a White Wine and Perl Las (Welsh Blue Cheese)

Chicken stuffed with Spinach in a White Wine & Perl Las (Welsh Blue Cheese)


Chicken Breast in Gooseberry & Elderflower Sauce


Caribbean Chicken


Chicken Korma & Rice 


Lamb Korma with jewelled Rice & Pumpkin Mash

Loin of Pork on Mustard Apple Slices with Cider Sauce


Roasted Gammon in Welsh Honey & Mustard Glaze


Sweet ‘n’ Sour Gammon & Rice 


Ragout of Welsh Venison


Salmon & Sorrel en croute with Dill Crème Fraîche

Roast Duck Breast served on Spiced Red Cabbage with an Orange Sauce

Fillet of Salmon with Lemon & Black Pepper Glaze

Fillet of Beef Wellington with Madeira Sauce


Silverside of Welsh Beef with Port and Blackberry Jus garnished with Water Cress


Screaming Pineapple Pork


Roast Silverside of Welsh Beef coated in Sorai Tempting Onion Balsamic


Gammon with Welsh Whisky and Marmalade Glaze


Tomato and Chilli Jam Chicken


Roasted Fillet of Salmon drizzled with Blodyn Aur Smoked Rapeseed oil, coated in Halon Mon Sea Salt Served on Water Cress and Rocket.


Roasted Pumpkin/ Butternut Squash topped with Quenelles of Cranberry & Hazelnut Roast (v)

Chestnut & Sweet Potato Roulade with Tomato & Herb Sauce (v)

Baked Onion filled with Mushroom & Nut Stuffing set in a nest of Pease Pudding with Savoury Herb Sauce (v)

Vegetable and Nut Strudel (v)


Roasted Marrow stuffed with Hazelnut & Pumpkin Seed Roast and Chestnut Sauce (v)


Mushroom Stroganoff (v)

Curried Root Vegetables with Green Split Pea Dhal on Pilau Rice with Poppadum’s’, Fresh Pineapple, Minted Onion & Chutney (v)


Hazlenut & Chestnut Roast with Chestnut Sauce (v)

Parsnip & Carrot Roulade filled with Fennel, Leek and Gorwydd Caerphilly Cheese (v)

Carrot & Cashew Loaf with Coriander and Orange Sauce (v)

Baked Cucumber filled with Haricot & Herbed Beans and Smoked Sunflower seeds set on a Herbed Pease (v)


Pudding with a Scallion Crème Fraîche Sauce (v)

Mushroom, Leek & Chestnut Tart (v)

Roasted Tomatoes filled with Butterbean & Vegetable Pate served on a Pastry Flute (v)


Roasted Root Vegetable Slice (v)



All Served with a selection of seasonal vegetables

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