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Home Delivery / Collection Service.

Browse our mains and desserts home delivery / collection menu

Mains Delivery

Our main delivery day is Sunday – Chilled Roast Lunches plus Desserts, Frozen Boxed Meals & Groceries. Special Occasion Boxes – Afternoon Tea Boxes & Welsh Cheese Selection delivered daily plus any order over £35.00.

Orders by phone 01597 850095 – e-mail – Facebook or my mobile 07717472550.



to include arrival Tea/Coffee, Bara Brith & Welsh Butter Shortbread and Lunchtime Tea/Coffee

Extra Tea/Coffee Breaks available



Each delegate to be served their meal in a separate bag – special diets to be labelled


Regular – Mixed Meat & Vegetarian


Sandwiches – White & Wholemeal  Bread – Home Baked Ham , Chicken with Thyme& Parsley Stuffing – Egg & Cress

Chicken & Ham Tartlet

Sausage Roll

Scotch Egg

Cheese Scone filled with Snowdonia Cheese & Pickle

Southern Fried Chicken Goujon

Langford Sausage with Honey & Mustard Dressing


Separate tray to sit on top of savoury box

2 pieces of cake

Fruit Skewer




Vegetarian (To Be Ordered)

Sandwiches – White & Wholemeal  Bread – Cheese & Pickle,  Egg & Cress

Cheese Scone filled with Snowdonia Cheese & Pickle

Half hard boiled egg dusted with smoked Paprika

Vegetarian Tartlet

Vegetarian Sausage Roll

Savoury Roll



Cake tray as above




Vegan (To Be Ordered)

Sandwiches – White & Wholemeal  Bread – Lentil Pate & Cress, Hummous & Salad

Vegan Scone topped with Herb spread and grilled pepper

Vegan Tartlet

Savoury Roll

Vegan Sausage



Vegan Cake selection & Fruit Skewer


Gluten Free

BBQ Chicken Skewer set on light salad

Half hard boiled egg

Potato & Chive salad

Grated Cheese

Gluten free roll


Gluten free cakes 

Fruit Skewer




Roast Lunches – Delivered chilled or Takeaway hot

Roast Silverside of Welsh Beef with Yorkshire Pudding

Roast Chicken Breast with Thyme & Parsley Stuffing & Bread Sauce

Roast Loin of Pork with Apple Sauce & Sage & Onion Stuffing

Hazelnut & Pumpkin Seed Roast set on Roasted Vegetables with Vegan Gravy

served with

Roast Potatoes & Parsnips, Cauliflower & Leeks in Cheese Sauce, Carrots, Peas & Spring Cabbage, Homemade Gravy


click here for allergen information


Chocolate Trifle

Cherry & Apple Pancakes with Lemon & Sugar

Apple & Rhubarb Crumble with Custard (can be ordered vegan)

Fruit Trifle

Banoffee Pie

Baileys Cheesecake – Vegan Cheesecake available with Fruit Coullis

Chocolate & Raspberry Meringue Roulade

Orange & Lemon Sponge Pudding with Custard

Treacle Tart & Custard

click here for allergen information

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈

Frozen Boxed Dishes

Accompaniments; Creamed Potato, Seasonal Vegetables & Gravy or Rice / Naan & Mango Chutney


Welsh Lamb Hot Pot

Welsh Beef Lasagne

Sausage, Bacon & Faggot Casserole topped with Saute Potatoes

Chicken Breast stuffed with Spinach & Cream Cheese

wrapped in Serrano Ham in a Tomato & Roasted Vegetable Sauce

Welsh Lamb Shepherd’s Pie

Baked Gammon with Orange, Pineapple & Ginger Sauce

Coriander Chicken Curry

Lamb, Leek & Lentil Pie

Welsh Beef Goulash with Dumplings

Beef Steak & Roasted Vegetable Pie

Welsh Beef Cottage Pie

Bacon, Cheese & Pesto Tegliatelle

Chicken Breast stuffed with Leeks & Cream Cheese in Perl Las & Tarragon Sauce

Baked Ham & Parsley Sauce

Diced Pork in Creamy Mushroom & Garlic Sauce


Spinach & Tomato Lasagne – Vegetarian

Celeriac, Carrot & Borlotti Bean Bake topped with Herbed Saute Potatoes – Vegan

Aduki Bean & Root Vegetable Goulash – Vegan

Vegetable Wellington with Minted Cider & Cranberry Sauce – Vegetarian can be made vegan

Herb Pancake with Leek & Mushroom Filling in Garlic & Herb Sauce - Vegetarian

Salad Selection

Cold Roast Silverside of Welsh Beef

Coronation Chicken

Individual tubs of:

Green Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Hard Boiled Egg


Grated Cheese

Homemade Pickled Red Cabbage

Cucumber & Red Onion Pickle

Parsley Potatoes

Vegetarian Choice - Lentil & Green Pepper Flan with Felafel Skewer & Salads


click here for allergen information


Noodle Boxes


Beef Teriyaki

Cantonese Pork

Thai Sweet Chilli Chicken

Mixed Beans in Oyster Sauce



Family Trays Frozen


Welsh Beef Cottage Pie

Welsh Lamb Shepherd’s Pie

Chicken Breast stuffed with Leeks & Cream Cheese in a Perl Las (Welsh Blue Cheese) Sauce

Silverside of Welsh Beef with Roasted Vegetables in Red Wine Sauce

Welsh Beef Lasagne / Vegetarian Lasagne

Welsh Beef Goulash with Herb Dumplings

Coriander Chicken Curry

Welsh Beef Chilli Con Carne

Cauliflower Cheese

Speciality Dishes 2 portions per tray  – frozen

2 x Roast Half Chicken with Thyme & Parsley Stuffing & Gravy

2 x Roast Half Chicken with Lemon, Garlic & Black Pepper Butter

2 x Roast Half Duck with Thyme & Parsley Stuffing with Orange & Sour Cherry Sauce

2 x Roasted Duck Breast with Thyme & Parsley Stuffing with Orange & Sour Cherry Sauce

2 x Seared Fillet of Welsh Beef with Shallot, Mushroom & Red Wine Sauce

2 x Sliced Roasted Leg of Lamb on a bed of Minted Leeks with Cranberry & Mint Jus

2 x Fillet of Salmon roasted in Blodyn Aur Beetroot & Thyme Dressing

Speciality Vegetable Selection  for two to accompany – Duchess Potatoes, Roasted Root Vegetables & Pea Quenelles


≈ ≈ ≈ ≈

Meat / Vegetarian pick 'n' mix Salad Selection


Picnic Meat Selection

please choose 1 of the following:

Barbecued Chicken Pieces, Welsh Beef Teriyaki Kebabs with Roasted Peppers & Red Onion, Turkey & Ham Plait, Sausage, Sausage Roll & Hard Boiled Egg.


Cold Meat Selection

Welsh Silverside of Beef, Home Baked Ham and Coronation Chicken or Welsh Silverside of Beef and Homemade Turkey & Ham Pie


Marinated Meat Selection

Teriyaki Beef, Citrus & Garlic Chicken, Gammon with Smokey BBQ Sauce


Vegetarian Choice

can be all Vegan

Cheese & Asparagus Quiche, Falafel Kebab with Roasted Peppers & Red Onion, Lentil & Coriander Plait, Vegetarian Sausage, Hummous Bruschetta, Hard Boiled Egg

Accompanied with

Artisan Breads with Welsh Butter

Salads - Please choose 5 options

Mixed Leaves/Cherry Tomatoes & Cucumber


Apple & Celery in Llaeth y Llan Yoghurt Dressing

Home made Pickled Red Cabbage

Egg Mayonnaise

Grated Welsh Cheddar Cheese

Cooked Parsley Potatoes

Potato & Chive Salad

Asian Kale Salad with Ginger & Orange

Butterbean, Avocado & Pomegranate Seeds


Pickled Cucumber & Red Onion

Curried Rice with Chick Peas, Coriander & Spring Onions

Tomato Pasta Salad with Olives & Peppers

Oriental Noodles

Beetroot, Orange & Mint

Grated Carrot & Spinach in Blodyn Aur Honey & Mustard Dressing

Roasted Mixed Peppers & Beetroot with Rocket & Feta tossed in Blodyn Aur Beetroot & Thyme Dressing

Moroccan Cous Cous with Grated Carrot, Courgette & Chick Peas

Three Bean Salad


Sweetcorn, Red Kidney Beans & Spring Onions in Chilli Dressing

Broad  Beans, Dill Cucumber, Radish & Spring Onions in Dill Mayonnaise

Lebanese Salad


Russian Salad


Optional Additional Extras –

Silverside of Welsh Beef

Welsh Cured Boiled Gammon

Coronation Chicken

Blodyn Aur Honey & Mustard or Beetroot & Thyme Dressings 250ml bottle

Calon Lan Horseradish / Mint Sauce / Redcurrant Jelly 175g

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈

Allergen & Ingredients information available on request

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